The Basic of Dimond Drilling Holes

Tonbridge Diamond Cutting Ltd

Diamond Drilling is a method of achieving holes through most known construction materials and composites without any form of vidration to the surrounding structure.

Verticle-Horizontal abd Angled holes are possible.

Diameters range from 10mm to 100mm+

Water is required to cool the diamond segments. This can be fully controlled by several different systems of water controlled operations.

Diamond drillinig methods will also penetrate steel reinforcement, however this can reduce the duration of the drilling depending on the volume of re-bars.

Dry diamond drilling can be achieved, however this is only suitable in certain materials.


Diamond Stitch Drilling

Diamond Stitch Drilling is one method of producing larger required openings through slabs or walls.

This method is often adopted where floor or wall sawing options are restricted.

Tonbridge Diamond Cutting LtdTonbridge Diamond Cutting LtdTonbridge Diamond Cutting Ltd

107mm diameter diamond bits (4") are usually used. These holes are overlapped by 10-20mm until the perimeter is complete.

The remaining section is then removed leaving the desired opening.

Requirements in deeper walls / floors can often be achieved using the Stitch Drilling method.

For examples of previous drilling contracts, please view our "Clients and Projects" page.

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