We are able to saw most materials used within the construction and civil engineering industry

General Wall and Floor Sawing - new doorways - window openings - trenches
pile caps - sectional sawing - isolation joints - expansion joints - chasing
rebating - anchor pockets - complete removal of slats and wall sections
structural alterations - crack inducement cuts - gully formation.

We are currently the only Drilling and Sawing contractor in Europe with the worlds largest and most powerful floor saw.
The American Built FS8500 is the latest in floor sawing technology, enabling us to complete sawing requirements faster than our competitors.

We have the capability of sawing to a depth of 750mm (30") faster than any other known method.

We understand the urgency of site requirments that often demand very short notice, and keeping a large stock of premium blades for all materials ranging from 225mm to 2000mm in diameter.
As well as floor sawing equipment we also own many other items of sawing equipment to cover all events that may arise from our clients requests.

Our sawing operators have many years experience using all forms of sawing and cutting equipment.

We address much time and expense keeping our equipment in prime condition.
Much time and expense is addressed to keeping our equipment in prime condition, replacing parts and regular manufacturers servicing.

Many Drilling and Sawing contractors loose production time due to equipment failure

We can assure you that we DON`T.


The Following Images are some examples of projects completed by Tonbridge Diamond Cutting Ltd.

Tonbridge Diamond Cutting LtdTonbridge Diamond Cutting Ltd Tonbridge Diamond Cutting LtdTonbridge Diamond Cutting Ltd

Formation of Pile Caps sawn in r/c factory slab. As well as sawing, we completed the excavations, the isolation jointing and constructed and fitted the steel cages.

Sectional sawing to remove area of workshop floor for the fitting of new printing equipment. We had a strict tolerance of only 4mm throughout.

Tonbridge Diamond Cutting LtdTonbridge Diamond Cutting Ltd Tonbridge Diamond Cutting LtdTonbridge Diamond Cutting Ltd

Removal of reinforced concrete wall sections using a track saw. This particular wall was of 50 Ntw/mm2, and contained 40mm thick reinforcement bars.

Using a floor saw to cut large coping stone sections. We were governed by only 2mm tolerance per cut. Each saw cut took 4 to 6 seconds to complete.

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